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POpTaRt382:	(1)lol
Bratany17:	(1)either do i
POpTaRt382:	(1)Um..
Bratany17:	(1)ages every1
Tlonnie:	(1)do you think a jewerly company going ecommerce will pop on announcement
POpTaRt382:	(1)Nope! lol
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GilligansI:	made Mary Ann real...It was lovely.
PWMANN18:	(22)Hello
SUPRSTRKIM:	(22)Gilligan ~ Do you still have your hat?
Question:	What ahve you learned with the tv show? Amanda 13,Wa
GilligansI:	Bob:  The fans are terrific.
GilligansI:	Russell:  agree, the fans love these characters.
A Foley 69:	(22)hi gill love your show
GilligansI:	Dawn:  The fans are terrific...all over the world.
Question:	do you miss the show
JayhawknDC:	(22)I heard Skipper used to own a restaurant in LA
RAMATFAIR:	(22)Just wanted to say Hi from WV/Loved the show!
PWMANN18:	(22)Professor--I thought you were awsome!--I wanted you to leave the island and marry me!
GilligansI:	Dawn:  Sometimes, and I miss a lot of the people.
Chief 957:	(22)I did not miss many shows thank you
Kimsteve99:	(22)hi guys
GilligansI:	Bob:  I miss the sense of getting up and going to work every day
GilligansI:	the chemistry of the cast every day was wonderful.
Question:	for Mary Ann, will there be another cookbook soon?
GilligansI:	I'm not sure about a cookbook, but
GilligansI:	I'm talking to publishers about another book.
Question:	Were many of the items and props used for the Gilligan's Island show
Question:	saved?
GilligansI:	Bob:  fortunately not...:::laughter.
GilligansI:	Russell:  It is too bad.
Kimsteve99:	(22)who was the funniest on the set
Question:	did you guys think that you would ever have an episode where you got off
Question:	the island?
GilligansI:	Bob:  sure
GilligansI:	Russell:  Years later we did.
Reefpyro:	(22)did u ever have one?
Question:	this Q is directed to the "Professor"  
                If you were really on a
Question:	deserted island, would you opinion be that you could survive with the
Question:	experiments  you used in show?
                were any of them really realistic?
GalHoya:	(22)that's a funny question
GilligansI:	Some of the things were real.
Spookman25:	(22)Hi I just came in..what happened to the movie star(Ginger)
GilligansI:	Our creator wanted to make sure that
GilligansI:	some of the things that the professor did and said
GilligansI:	were scientifically correct.
GilligansI:	Bob:  how did he remember all that stuff>
GalHoya:	(22)the dumber Gilligan sounded, the funnier
GilligansI:	Russ: How could I really if I had Mary Ann there...... :)
CharPooky:	(22)Gilligan was cute that way
Question:	Bob,
                I was wondering about your off-screen relationship with Mr.
Question:	Hale Jr.  Was is as close as many would guess?  It seemed so natural,  you just
Question:	seemed to blend so well together.
   Thanks,,,    PenRynMom
Question:	  Cathy

                             I was kicked off!!!!

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Thank you, it was great, we had a great time.  Thanks/
Cstew65:	(22)when will it air?
JMK188:	(22)HAHAHA