Ginger's Biography

Ginger Grant was born in Hollywood, raised in Hollywood, and is convinced that some day she will be a big star! Her father was a part-time actor and handyman, while her mother was a housewife who used to be a runner-up (always second place) beauty pageant contestant during her younger days and she was a niece of Cary Grant. Because of Ginger's mother's unfulfilled dreams of winning the 'big one,' she pushed Ginger and her sister towards showbiz. Ginger had a sister who was a beautiful brunette model named Samantha. Although as sisters they were cordial towards each other, there was a competitiveness that caused them to go there own separate ways. Samantha stayed in the modeling world while Ginger decided to take up acting.

In preparation for any and all types of roles, Ginger also studied dance along with singing and acting. She had a sultry 36-24-36 body but would not compromise her morals by moving up through 'casting couch' type of auditions. Although she could be coy and quite a tease, she set up her own barriers of approach which caused her acting career to be a slow, laborative process.

Ginger grew up in Hollywood, but at the age of 21 moved to New York to study various forms of method acting. She found more success in New York and had small parts in various off-Broadway productions and musicals. Ginger also did a couple TV commercials and it seemed that her "star was beginning to shine." To gain more exposure, Ginger joined a USO Tour which traveled worldwide to entertain the troops and everywhere the tour went, Ginger would sign on to do nightclub shows. So she would entertain Army troops during the day and club [bar] members at night. Financially, she was doing quite well and she enjoyed the USO Tour because it gave her a chance to travel. In fact, it was the USO Tour that brought her to Honolulu in 1964.

Ginger was now 25 years old and one day (after an exhaustive USO and nightclub performance), she decided to take a little break and 'get away from it all. She did two evening shows at the Tiki-Kiwi Nightclub and decided to go walking along the beach during sunrise the next morning. While at the beach she walked past a beach house which advertised an exotic (3-hour) island tour with free lunches included. Ginger thought that this sounded exciting so she decided to board the S.S. Minnow for a relaxing Hawaiian Island Tour. She looked out of place because she still wore her nightclub gown but she didn't care. She needed a break.

As we will know, Ginger never had a chance to relax due to the storm that shipwrecked the S.S. Minnow. Of all the castaways, Ginger Grant had the hardest time adapting to their situation. Mary Ann was used to this type of hard-working life; the Professor could continue his studies; the Howells' fortune would continue to grow and they would have time to develop financial strategies to use (if they ever got rescued); and the Skipper and Gilligan would be the main providers while trying to format rescue efforts. For Ginger, the shipwreck occurred at the wrong time in her life. She was moving up in her career as a hope-to-be-soon-to-be (big) movie star. Ginger Grant is frustrated by her enforced stay on the island because she knows some other girl is getting some part in some picture that might make Ginger a genuine star.

However, there is no malace in Ginger's remarks or in her nature for that matter. Beneath the veneer of Hollywood, California sophistication - is a true heart of gold. But, Ginger would be the first to deny this, because, in Hollywood, a heart of gold is considered corny. But, in spite of her, it quite often shines through. Ginger may complain and grumble about conditions on the island, but when the occasion demands, she pitches in and helps.

Throughout her enforced stay, Ginger does manage to maintain her dignity even though she will seduce any man who may have a chance to lead her (and the others) from their isolation. Of all the men on the island, Ginger shows the most interest in the Professor, and would prefer to call him Roy if not for his title: The Professor. Her liking the Professor is more of a process of elimination. She wouldn't think of pursuing Mr. Howell due to the wrath she would incur from Mrs. Howell. The only other men on the island are the Skipper who she's not really compatible with and as for Gilligan, well, he is Gilligan! Ginger never had to cook for herself so she isn't very domestic, but occasionally will try to be more homey. However, for Ginger, she's always looking for that one big break which will make her a big, well-known star! In fact, she was preparing for an Egyptian movie: "Pyramid For Two" in which she would have played the lead role of Cleopatra. So, she brought the script from this (and other movies) with her and if she can't act for the theaters, at least she can entertain the others until they are rescued!

"A Pyramid For Two" was to be Ginger Grant's first movie in which she would have been the major star!