Many people weren't aware that after the "Gilligan's Island" series, another show was produced by Sherwood Schwartz called "Dusty's Trail." The made for TV pilot movie was entitled "The Wackiest Wagon Train In The West." This show was about seven people on a wagon train searching for the old west, but they kept getting lost. (Sound Familiar?) Bob Denver portrays Dusty the guide and the Wagonmaster was played by Forest Tucker. The show ran for only 26 weeks. If you ever watch this show, the resemblance to Gilligan's Island is quite remarkable and is funny to watch.
Members of the cast are:
Forest Tucker
Bob Denver
Ivor Francis
Jeannine Riley
Lori Saunders
Lynn Wood
Bill Cort
Wagon Master (Skipper?)

Guide (Gilligan?)

Rich Couple (Howell's?)

Engineer (Professor?), School Teacher (Mary Ann?), Saloon Girl (Ginger?)