Mrs. Lovey Howell

"I don't know how we're going to explain to our friends that we spent several years with people who aren't even in the social register."

Eunice (Lovey) Wentworth met Thurston at Harvard where she was the Queen of the Pitted Prune Bowl Parade and nurse's aid. Thurston proposed to her at a French restaurant in Manhattan, and they eloped in the middle of the night. Lovey not only inherited her wealth, she inherited her diamond broach, which has been in her family since Queen Isabella gave it to Columbus. Lovey once dated Mark Vandergray and used an underhanded trick to dump him. While Thurston is undoubtedly devoted to her, she occasionally displays jealousy toward Ginger and Mary Ann.

Lovey is more concerned with next Saturday's dinner engagement than being rescued from the island, and is claimed to be the world's most socially prominent international hostess. She hates having to sit out the social season on a tropical island paradise. She's far more comfortable socializing with royalty than with her fellow castaways.

While Mrs. Howell rarely displays leadership qualities, she gives motherly advice when Ginger and Mary Ann come to her. Still, she maintains social convention on the island, insisting that the castaways adhere to the accepted rules of conduct and civilized behavior.