Gilligan's Island Script
Episode #37, "Gilligan's Mother-In-Law"
(A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely robust daughter)

A special thanks goes out to Peggy and Garry for sending us this script. This isn't the entire script, but you can print it out and follow the first few pages to this episode. Garry was actually on the set while filming the Gilligan series, and he told us that they use to ad lib A LOT! He was only 10 at the time and wasn't allowed to meet any of the girls. However, his two older brother's did meet them and had a blast! (Sorry Garry) We hope to have a full story about the times on the set soon. Until then, enjoy.

"Gilligan 's Mother-In-Law"

1.  EXT, LAGOON - DAY (BEHIND CREDITS)                        1.

Native family consisting of father, mother and. daughter are
rowing up the lagoon in outrigger.  Daughter is chubby,
father is ferocious looking, large, carrying spear, knives
in belt, and perhaps skull hanging from waist.

2.  NEW ANGLE                                                 2.

As they beach the outrigger on the shore and. parents follow
girl to bushes.  She parts bushes, points.

3.  NATIVES P.0.V.                                            3.

GILLIGAN with butterfly net waiting patiently for the moment
to capture butter fly.

4.  BACK TO SCENE                                             4.
As parents look, girl utters short native jibberish.

5.  SUPERIMPOSE - SUBTITLE                                    5.

Printing says: "I want that one for husband."

6.  NATIVES' P.O.V.                                           6.

Gilligan intent on butterfly is unaware he has just, been
picked by native girl. Sudden1y he makes his move with net
and captures the butterfly, and smiles triumphantly.

7.  BACK TO SCENE                                             7.

Parents smile at daughter, father indicates he will capture
Gilligan with net, and they start, back to boat.

                                      FADE OUT.

GILLIGAN' S ISLAND "Gilligan's Mother-In-Law" 6/18/65 -2- ACT ONE FADE IN: 8. EXT. HUT AREA - MEDIUM SHOT - DAY As HOWELL relaxes in hammock, drink in hand, looking for all the world like a millionaire, Gilligan and the SKIPPER work on Rube Goldberg type of deal with palm fronds, and the bicycle pumping device to fan Howell. SKIPPER There....when I say the word let's try it, little buddy. GILLIGAN Aye aye, Skipper. Gilligan immediately begins to pump, palm fronds go around, start to beat Skipper, who's still working on it. SKIPPER Gilligan! I haven't said the word! GILLIGAN Huh? Qh, sorry, Skipper. SKIPPER It's all ready for testing, Mr. Howell. HOWELL (takes sip) All right, men, let her rip! As Skipper starts to adjust a palm frond, Gilligan starts to pump again, again starts to beat him with machine. SKIPPER Gilligan!! GILLIGAN Sorry, Skipper, I thought you said -- SKIPPER He said let her rip. All right, go ahead. Well...? GILLIGAN You sure that's the word? Skipper merely looks at Gilligan. He shrugs, starts to pump with foot. CONTINUED
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND "Gilligan's Mother-ln-Law" 6/18/65 -3- 8. CONTINUED SKIPPER How's that, Mr. Howell? HOWELL (enjoying breeze) Delightfu1. With my eyes closed, I feel like I'm sitting on the veranda of the Oyster Bay Yacht Club. GILLIGAN (closes eyes as he pumps) That's funny. With my eyes closed all I feel is dizzy. SKIPPER That's because you are dizzy, Gilligan, whether your eyes are closed or open. HOWELL men have managed to devise a devilishly clever air conditioner. I think there's a place for you two in my organization when we get off the island. GILLIGAN Did you hear that, Skipper? We can work for Mr. Howell when we get off the island! SKIPPER You mean if. GILLIGAN We're gonna get off the island, you just wait and see. HOWELL Of course we will. You don't expect Thurston Howell, the 3rD to spend the rest of his life on an island that doesn't even have a ticker tape machine do you? (an afterthought) To say nothing of a fox hunting season. CONTINUED
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND "Gilligan's Mother-In-Law" 6/18/65 8. CONTINUED GILLIGAN Someday when we least expect it, something will happen. We'll get off this island. -4- SKIPPER Oh, getting off is a cinch. What bothers me is all the swimming I'll have to do to keep from drowning once I get off. GILLIGAN You'll see, Skipper. SKIPPER (points) The only thing I want to see right now are more palm fronds. Get goin', Gilligan. Gilligan walks towards forest. 9. ANOTHER ANGLE Standing just inside clearing is our native family. starts past. Gilligan GILLIGAN Hi! He continues on for second, reacts, turns, makes mad dash in direction from which he came. 10. MEDIUM SHOT -- HOWELL & SKIPPER Howell is still in hammock. Skipper is picking up tools, etc. Gilligan dashes up to Skipper, tries to talk, can't, triess to hide behind Skipper. SKIPPER Gilligan, what is it?! He tries to talk again, can't. HOWELL (sitting up) Poor chap's gone island happy. Gilligan finally points, as he hides behind Skipper again.
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND "Gilligan's Mother-In-Law" 6/18/65 11. ANOTHER ANGLE Native family has come up into hut area. SKIPPER Is that; all? Take it easy, Gilligan. They're obviously a peaceful native family... mother, father, and daughter. HOWELL Right you are, Skipper. See, the woman's even wearing a wedding ring. The father utters something in native jibberish. SKIPPER Hmm...I never heard that tongue before. GILLIGAN I never even saw a tongue like that before. SKIPPER They must be from one of the other is1ands. HOWELL (extending hand) I say there, old chap, how do you do? (his hand is ignored) Parlez vous Francais? (still nothing) We were obviously educated at different schools. The father points at Skipper. GILLIGAN (still hiding behind him, peeking out) He's pointing at you, Skipper! Father looks at wife, utters short, native jibberish. 12. SUPER IMPOSE -- SUBTITLE -5- Printing says "Fat one must be father." Then father points to daughter, then back at Skipper again.