Gilligan's Island Script
Episode #57, "Gilligan's Living Doll"
(An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the island.)

GILLIGANíS ISLAND "Gilligan's Living Doll" By Bob Stevens Air Date: February 10. 1966 TEASER FADE IN: EXT - HUT - DAY - CREDITS OVERLAYED Gilligan is seen riding the bike unit that is powering the washing machine. The skipper is lying on a lounge near the hut obviously doing very little. SKIPPER How do I get these crummy jobs! Laundry is a WOMAN'S job. After all a man works his way up to be the captain of his own ship...he should get a little respect! I'll take that back...a whole lot of respect! Why a captain rates a salute...not a, hey you! For goodness sakes I always GET assignments I should be giving 'em out! If anybody on this island is entitled to something that... During the skipper self pity speech, Gilligan appears to be concerned about something and gets off the bike. He opens the washing machine and is search for something. The skipper finally notices what Gilligan is doing. SKIPPER Gilligan? GILLIIGAN what are you doing!? Gilligan finally finds what he's been looking for. GILLIGAN Thought I lost it! Gilligan pulls out a rabbit's foot from the washing machine. SKIPPER Lost what? GILLIGAN My good luck charm. Gilligan is squeezing out the water and flicking it on the skipper. SKIPPER Gilligan that's an old wives tale. GILLIGAN No it's isn't, it's a rabbits foot! SKIPPER I know exactly what it is but anybody that would think that that would bring them good luck has got to be out of their mind! GILLIGAN I believe it! SKIPPER I know, that's exactly what I mean! No get back to the laundry! Gilligan is still squeezing out the water and heads back to the bike unit. GILLIGAN I wonder if it works when it's wet? The skipper now aggravated gets up and grabs Gilligan and leads him back to the bike unit. SKIPPER Gilligan are you gonna let me put you in the drivers seat or are you gonna get up there!? Gilligan gets back on the bike and starts to peddle. SKIPPER Now that's let's finish this laundry. As Gilligan is peddling, he looks up and notices something in the sky. GILLIGAN Hey Skipper!? It works it works! SKIPPER What works, what is it you're talking about?! GILLIGAN It works even better when it's wet...look! INSERT: SHOT OF A MAN COMING DOWN IN A PARACHUTE SKIPPER For goodness sakes that nothing but a man in a parachute now will you start peddle... A man in a parachute! GILLIGAN Yeah skipper! We're rescued we're rescued! Gilligan starts to kiss his rabbits foot and the skipper tries to get the parachutists attention. GILLGIAN Oh boy! SKIPPER Down here! Over here! INSERT: SHOT OF A MAN COMING DOWN IN A PARACHUTE GILLIGAN (O.S.) Oh yeah! FADE OUT: ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT - JUNGLE - DAY The skipper and the professor are out in the jungle searching for the downed parachutist. SKIPPER Oh professor did you find anything? PROFESSOR Not a sign. SKIPPER I'm sure that parachutist came down dead center...he should be right on this part of the island. Gilligan is seen running on camera carrying a magazine. GILLIGAN Skipper! I found it I found it! SKIPPER Where!? Where!? GILLIGAN Right here right here! Gilligan holds up the magazine. PROFESSOR Gilligan that's a comic book! GILLIGAN I know, it's my favorite one...I lost it. SKIPPER You're a great help! Come on professor let's check over here. PROFESSOR You know he could've gotten tangled in a tree. SKIPPER Well certainly he could've. Gilligan you go look that way! GILLIGAN Alone? SKIPPER Well certainly alone. Why not alone? GILLIGAN Because I'm at the scary part. You see here Fossil Face has Davy Davis All-American boy. See that! SKIPPER Oh never mind the comic book! Go that way! PROFESSOR Skipper? Are you sure you saw someone parachute down? SKIPPER I'm positive professor. CUT TO: EXT - JUNGLE - DAY Gilligan is walking alone reading his comic book. He's not aware of where he's going. GILLIGAN Ah ha Fossil Face. Just because you have Davy Davies tied to the buzz saw and because you have his tried and true buddy...friendly and lovable Lester Al Lewis tied to the railroad tracks does not mean that... Gilligan turns the page. GILLIGAN Oops, I guess it does. Gilligan continues to walk and read as he walks into what appears to be a robot still attached to the parachute harness. The parachute risers lead off to the parachute caught in a tree. Gilligan doesn't notice it. GILLIGAN Oops, excuse me sir... Gilligan looks up and sees the robot. GILLIGAN It's Fossil Face!! It's Fossil Face... Gilligan runs away from the robot and gets caught up in the parachute. He frantically tries to get loose. GILLIGAN I give up! I give up! I give up! I give up! Gilligan gets himself untangled and takes a look at the robot. He approaches the robot with caution and examines it. GILLIGAN Hello. ROBOT HELLO GILLIGAN My name is Gilligan. ROBOT MY NAME IS GILLIGAN GILLIGAN Hey! We both have the same name! ROBOT HEY WE BOTH HAVE THE SAME NAME GILLIGAN Professor! Skipper! I found him! Skipper professor I found it! I found it I found it! SKIPPER All right Gilligan for goodness sakes you don't have to yell I know that you found it... The skipper finally sees what Gilligan found. SKIPPER A robot!? GILLIGAN Yeah! SKIPPER Oh for goodness sakes that's just what we needed...a tin fugitive from the Wizard of Oz! The professor finally arrives on the scene. SKIPPER Oh professor, meet our rescuer. PROFESSOR Well that's fantastic! GILLIGAN Huh? PROFESSOR Well it's obviously an experimental model. The Air Force must be using it for some sort of survival test. GILLIGAN It's a real live robot! SKIPPER Gilligan, robots arenít alive! GILLIGAN This one is cause it can talk! SKIPPER Yes and I'm sure you two will have very interesting conversations together. PROFESSOR Robots have been programmed to talk. SKIPPER I know but if I was ever seen talking to this refuge from a junkyard...they'd think the skipper lost all his marbles! ROBOT THE SKIPPER LOST HIS MARBLES PROFESSOR Why, it must have a blank roll of tape and an automatic relay mechanism. GILLIGAN You mean what ever I say to it, the robot will repeat it back? PROFESSOR Yes! SKIPPER Oh great. We've got a mechanical Gilligan! GILLIGAN I wonder what else they made it do? PROFESSOR Gilligan! You just hit upon the key word...they! They sent it up, and they'll come looking for it. And when they do... SKIPPER They'll come and rescue us! They'll rescue us! Robot robot you're beautiful! ROBOT YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SKIPPER Thank you... GILLIGAN Come on! Let's go tell the others! Gilligan grabs the robot by the arm and tries to pull it but it doesn't budge. SKIPPER Gilligan for goodness sake that thing must weigh a thousand pounds! PROFESSOR Well if can talk it must be programmed to walk. GILLIGAN Yeah let's try it. Robot...follow me! The robot doesn't move. GILLIGAN Robot, walk! The robot raises it's arms, lifting Gilligan partly off the ground and begins to walk. Gilligan, now trapped, walks on tiptoes trying to walk ahead of the robot. GILLIGAN That way! Gilligan points, and the robot turns. DISSOLVE TO: INT - HUT - DAY The robot is standing in the middle of the hut as the professor is examining it. Gilligan watches on. GILLIGAN But you haven't asked it any important questions like who won the World Series or the Rose Bowl or anything. PROFESSOR Well I asked informative questions and I got informative answers. GILLIGAN Yeah. (Trying to sound like the robot) I WAS LAUNCHED FROM HICKHAM FIELD HAWAII PURPOSE RADIATION DETECTION FLIGHT DESTINATION VANDENBERG AIR BASE CALIFORNIA PROFESSOR Well we also learned its model XR one thousand...and what's more important, I think I've solved the schematic problem. GILLIGAN Is that good? The professor now gives the robot verbal commands. PROFESSOR Raise your right arm! The robot raises its right arm. So does Gilligan. PROFESSOR Ah yes the schematic pattern is the key to how to activate it. Raise your left arm! The robot raises its left does Gilligan. PROFESSOR Gilligan the possibilities are unlimited, and until the Air Force finds our friend, we can put it to all sorts of uses! GILLIGAN Will it bring water from the spring? PROFESSOR Raise your left leg! The robot raises its left leg...and of course so does Gilligan. PROFESSOR I believe I can program it to do all the unpleasant tasks on the island! GILLIGAN Even the laundry? PROFESSOR Twirl your right arm! The robot twirls its right arm...and again so does Gilligan. PROFESSOR Gilligan, this mechanical marvel can be taught to do everything a man can do...and it can do it better! FLIP TO: INT - HUT - DAY Mary Ann is in their hut along with the robot. Mary Ann has a broom and is showing the robot how to sweep. MARY ANN Now you sweep like this...back and forth, back and forth. Mary Ann hands the broom to the robot. MARY ANN Sweep! Back and forth, back and forth. Ooo this is going to be fun! That's fine, that's fine! Now sweep the other way. The robot continues sweeping and is heading towards the hut wall. The robot doesn't respond to Mary Ann's voice commands. MARY ANN Well turn around! Well sweep the other way!! The robot continues in a straight line right through the hut wall and into the clearing outside. MARY ANN Oohh!! FLIP TO: EXT - HUT - DAY Ginger is lying on a lounge near the hut while the robot does the dishes at the table. GINGER Are you going to take all day? Ginger gets up from the lounge chair and approaches the robot. She starts to fiddle with the controls located on the robot's chest. GINGER Which one of these makes you go faster? The robot starts to go much faster but isn't very accurate. It starts throwing plates in every direction. GINGER Oh! Oooo! Aaahhhh! Aaahhhh!! Ginger takes cover behind the lounge chair. GINGER Help professor! Help! HELP!! Aaahhh!!!! FLIP TO: EXT - HUT - DAY The skipper and robot are standing next to the drum used as a washing machine. The robot is loading the drum with clothing. SKIPPER Now close the lid! The robot closes the lid. SKIPPER All right, get aboard and start peddling! The robot mounts the bike unit used to power the washing machine and starts to peddle. The skipper lays down on the lounge near the hut. SKIPPER You are a captain's dream! What a crew! A crew that takes orders without questions...(he laughs) The skipper relaxes and places his cap over his eyes. Gilligan walks on camera from the side of the hut. He walks over to the skipper and raises his cap. GILLIGAN Skipper? Are you asleep? SKIPPER Yes! GILLIGAN When you wake up will you tell me if you've seen my rabbit's foot? SKIPPER Have you lost that again!? GILLIGAN Well if I hadn't lost it then I wouldn't have to ask you if you've seen it because I'd still have it. SKIPPER Gilligan for goodness sake... The skipper notices that the robot is gone. It appears that Mr. Howell is going to use the robot for something far more important then laundry. SKIPPER Mr. Howell! Mr. Howell, come back here with that robot! The skipper gets up and runs off camera after the robot. Gilligan starts looking inside the washing machine. SKIPPER Stop! I'm...I'm not done with him I've got to have him finish the laundry! Now go back and finish the laundry! The robot complies with the skippers orders and turns around and heads back to the washing machine. MR HOWELL No...but the robot and Gilligan are caddying for us. SKIPPER Oh no he's not his gonna do the laundry! MR HOWELL No no Mrs. Howell is waiting at the first tee. SKIPPER Well I'm sorry if Mrs. Howell is waiting, she'll just have to stay waiting. Gilligan is looking in the washing machine for his rabbit's foot again. MR HOWELL I'm willing to pay him double I don't understand. The robot, having returned, dumps Gilligan headfirst in to the washing machine. The robot, now back on the bike unit, is beginning to give Gilligan a good cleaning. Meanwhile Gilligan is upside down making all sorts of bubbling and gurgling noises. SKIPPER What's that? MR HOWELL Well it could be the mating call of the Red Crested Hickenlooper it's the season you know. SKIPPER It was a call for help! MR HOWELL Oh then its definitely not the call of the Red Crested Hickenlooper, he's quite capable of... SKIPPER Over there...look! CUT TO: EXT - HUT - DAY The lower half of Gilligan is seen sticking out of the washing machine. It's being agitated back and forth as the robot peddles the bike. CUT TO: CLOSE UP OF GILLIGAN'S FACE AS SEEN THROUGH THE PORTHOLE OF THE WASHING MACHINE. CUT TO: EXT - PUTTING GREEN - DAY Mr. and Mrs. Howell are playing golf. They are at the green making ready to putt. MR HOWELL A...darling my a...ball is in your line I'd...I'd better mark it. Mr. Howell drops a marker for his ball quite far away from where his ball actually is and a lot closer to the hole. MRS HOWELL I'm a long way away Mr. robot! ROBOT IT WILL BREAK TOWARDS THE OCEAN ACROSS THE GRAIN DOWN HILL RIGHT OF THE PALM TREE PLAY IT THRE FEET TO THE RIGHT OF THE HOLE MR HOWELL With those directions should knock it right off the island. Mrs. Howell plays the shot just as the robot suggested, and although the ball seems to be possessed by spirits, makes it's way right into the hole. DISSOLVE TO: STOCK SHOT OF PALM TREES. CUT TO: EXT - HUT - DAY Everyone is either seated or standing around the communal table as the professor comes form around the hut with the radio. PROFESSOR This is a very interesting news program coming in on the radio. Listen to this everybody! RADIO ...AND THE DRONE PLANE WHICH ACCIDENTALLY EJECTED THE ROBOT XR ONE THOUSAND, LANDED AT VANDENBERG AIRFIELD. SINCE THE PLANE WAS OPERATED BY REMOTE CONTROL, THE OFFICIALS HAVE NO WAY OF KNOW THE AREA WHERE THE ROBOT WAS EJECTED. THEY'VE ANNOUNCED THAT A SEARCH FOR THE ROBOT WOULD BE NEITHER ECONOMICAL NOR SUCCESSFUL, AND THEREFORE, NO SEARCH, WILL TAKE PLACE. PROFESSOR Oh no. SKIPPER And we thought that robot was gonna get us rescued. GILLIGAN Well he's so smart maybe he can figure out something! SKIPPER Gilligan for goodness sakes, robots don't think, they only do what you tell 'em to. PROFESSOR That's it! If we can figure out what to tell him, he could rescue us! SKIPPER Are you serious!? PROFESSOR I certainly am! The professor walks up to the robot as if to ask a question. PROFESSOR How would you like to do us a very big favor? The robot indicates his willingness by nodding. FADE OUT: ACT TWO FADE IN: STOCK SHOT OF HUT EXTERIOR. CUT TO: INT - HUT - DAY The professor is examining the robot, which is bent over at the waist on the table. Gilligan and the skipper are also present. PROFESSOR I'm fixing the robot so that our auditory impulses will activate its memory spools...and in that way the particular problem poised will be answered. The professor replaces the hatch cover on the robots back and tightens the thumbscrews. PROFESSOR Well the simplest way to explain it is with a demonstration. I think we can use him now. SKIPPER Oh...well I'll help you get him up. GILLIGAN A thousand pounds!? SKIPPER Oh yes...a thousand pounds. PROFESSOR Robot! Rise! The robot rises from the table and stands upright. PROFESSOR Now gentlemen, what is the most logical way to get off the island? GILLIGAN The same way we got boat! SKIPPER Very good little buddy! I'm very proud of you! PROFESSOR Exactly! Now if it has the information of any of its spools, we'll get an answer. Can you build a boat? ROBOT YES I CAN PROFESSOR And how long will it take you to build this boat? ROBOT SEVENTEEN HOURS FOUR MINUTES ELEVEN SECONDS SKIPPER WOW! That means we can be aboard early in the morning. PROFESSOR Right! All right build us a boat and start at once. And that gentlemen, is that! As the robot starts to turn and leave it steps on the skippers foot causing extreme pain. SKIPPER Ooop! Aaah! Two Thousand pounds! GILLIGAN A thousand pounds. SKIPPER Whose foot is this anyway! Don't just stand there Gilligan! Go out there and tell the others to get packed! FLIP TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - MORNING The skipper, Gilligan, the professor and Mr. Howell approach the lagoon from down a path. Each one carries luggage. SKIPPER Can you beat that!? The women still can't decide what to wear on the boat! MR HOWELL can't blame them you know, Bon voyage, first night out and all that sort of thing. PROFESSOR I'm extremely curious to see the boat. GILLIGAN What boat? SKIPPER The boat he built! MR HOWELL Well I can't see a thing! GILLIGAN Maybe he built us a submarine! ROBOT YOU DID NOT ASK FOR A SUBMARINE SKIPPER Wa...well I don't think he built a thing! MR HOWELL I'm going to speak to the head of your union! No more fringe benefits, no health or welfare. No more nuts bolts or machine oil! PROFESSOR Oh please Mr. Howell. Did you build us a boat? ROBOT YES PROFESSOR Well where is it? ROBOT IN THE LAGOON PROFESSOR Well why can't we find it? ROBOT YOU ARE NOT LOOKING IN THE RIGHT PLACE MR HOWELL Well I'm sorry it's the only lagoon that we have! GILLIGAN I found it! I found it! SKIPPER Look at the boat he built!? GILLIGAN Gee isn't it neat!? It's a two masted schooner, and it's got two lifeboats and a binnacle and look, the pin rail! PROFESSOR Oh it's my fault. I should have specified the size and type of vessel. MR HOWELL Well its not too late, perhaps he can build us a bigger ship! PROFESSOR Well it's worth a try. Can you build us a larger boat? ROBOT I HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO BUILD A CARRIER DESTROYER OR MINE SWEEPER MR HOWELL Well we might as well go first class. Build us a...carrier! ROBOT A CARRIER REQUIRES FOUR HUNDRED AND TWELVE THOUSAND TONS OF STEEL SEVEN THOUSAND TONS OF ALUMINUM... PROFESSOR Reject! Never mind that last order! MR HOWELL Perhaps if you said a...a pretty please! PROFESSOR We're going to have to concentrate on some other device. It's obvious the robot can't build a ship without steel. Well...we'd better break the bad news to the girls. MR HOWELL You goofed didn't you!? ROBOT I AM NOT PROGRAMMED FOR THAT INFORMATION MR HOWELL I wonder what next years models are gonna look like? ROBOT I AM NOT... MR HOWELL Oh shut up! Mr. Howell Gets upset and pushes one of the buttons on the robot's chest. MR HOWELL Power windows... Gilligan approaches the robot with the model boat. GILLIGAN I think you did a swell job. ROBOT THANK YOU FLIP TO: INT - HUT - NIGHT MR HOWELL There must be some way this robot can get us off this island. If he were human, I'd offer him more money. MRS HOWELL Thurston, I have the most marvelous idea! MR HOWELL You have a plan? MRS HOWELL The plan darling! MR HOWELL Well what is it? MRS HOWELL I'm not gonna tell anybody but the robot! MR HOWELL Well come on, let's not keep the robot waiting! Mr. Howell shows Mrs. Howell the door and hands her a boa that is on a table. MR HOWELL Here you are my dear. Oh, it's for you! Yes of course. There you are my sweet. CUT TO: EXT - HUT - NIGHT Mr. and Mrs. Howell approach the robot. MRS HOWELL Mr. Robot are you awake? MR HOWELL Darling they don't have to sleep! MRS HOWELL Oh, yes of course. A, Mr. Robot we'd like to leave the island. ROBOT THAT INFORMATION HAS ALREADY BEEN RECORDED MR HOWELL Darling the idea, the idea. MRS HOWELL Oh, yes of course. Build us a bridge to Hawaii! MR HOWELL Don't be ridiculous! ROBOT A BRIDGE TO HAWAII CAN BE BUILT FROM MATERIAL ON THE ISLAND MR HOWELL It can!? MRS HOWELL Oh you see dear! ROBOT IT WILL TAKE APPROXIMATELY EIGHTY NINE YEARS AND FOUR MONTHS MRS HOWELL Eighty-nine years!? Thurston, do you realize how old I'll be? MR HOWELL Yes, you'll be a little old to walk to Hawaii. MRS HOWELL Oh dear I thought it was such a good plan. MR HOWELL Eureka I have it! MRS HOWELL Have what? MR HOWELL A way to attract attention so people can find us! Build us a searchlight! Shine it on passing planes and ships. ROBOT IMPOSSIBLE NO ELECTRIC POWER MR HOWELL A...a flashlight? ROBOT IMPOSSIBLE NO CARBON FOR BATTERIES MR HOWELL Candles? Matches? Two friendly fire flies... rubbing their little feet together? The robot overloads, sounds a ringing bell and displays REJECT on his chest panel. DISSOLVE TO: INT - HUT - NIGHT Mary Ann and Ginger are discussing the robot. MARY ANN Oh Ginger I think the plan is impossible. GINGER WHY? A girl can get a man to do all kinds of things for her. MARY ANN I know, but robots arenít human! GINGER Neither were some of the guys I went out with. MARY ANN The professor says that robots can't do any original thinking. No matter HOW you ask them. GINGER Well that's what makes it a challenge! See you later. Ginger heads out of the hut to look for the robot. CUT TO: EXT - HUT - NIGHT Ginger exits the hut and walks over to the robot that is standing outside their hut. GINGER Hi ya tall dark and mechanical. ROBOT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND Ginger gets real close to the robot and puts her arms around it's neck as if to kiss it. GINGER I'll make it a little clearer for you. You see I've been stuck on this island for a long long time. Understand? ROBOT I UNDERSTAND GINGER And a...I want you to get me off. ROBOT I AM NOT PROGRAMMED FOR THAT TASK GINGER Well then...gee whiz...can't you put your mind to it? I mean...concentrate for Ginger...can you? Just think of what it would mean for me to be back in Hollywood. The robot starts ejecting smoke from what appear to be its ears. GINGER I'll tell you what. If you get me back to Hollywood, I'll introduce you to the swingingest lady robot you ever saw. For Ginger? Huh? Come on...please? The robot becomes overheated, displays TILT on its chest panel, starts to smoke out its "ears" and its antenna paddles start to oscillate back and forth. GINGER your going. I think you're beginning to register. DISSOLVE TO: EXT - HUT - DAY Gilligan is in the top hammock and the skipper is in the bottom hammock. They've been discussing what to do with the robot. SKIPPER Gilligan, that's one of the silliest ideas I ever heard! GILLIGAN I thought it was pretty good myself! SKIPPER And what's the robot suppose to use to build a radio station? Bamboo and coconuts? GILLGIAN Well maybe he could swim to Hawaii and buy some tubes and wires and stuff like that. SKIPPER Gilligan if he could swim for goodness sakes, we wouldn't NEED a radio station. We could program him to tell the authorities all about u...oh that's the silliest thing I ever heard for...Wait a minute that's it! Little buddy that's it! You did it again! GILLIGAN What did I do what did I do what did I do!? SKIPPER Well if we can get it to swim to Hawaii, our worries are all over! GILLIGAN Yeah, if we can solve one other problem. SKIPPER Eh...What's that? GILLIGAN Where we gonna find a bathing suit big enough to fit him. SKIPPER Yeah, a bathing suit big enough to... Bathing suit! The skipper realizing he's been baited again and gives Gilligan a disapproving glare. FLIP TO: EXT - CLEARING - DAY Gilligan and the professor are with the robot. The robot and Gilligan are lying down on tables. Gilligan is trying to get the robot to learn to swim. GILLIGAN Try this robot! Gilligan starts to demonstrate a swimming technique. The robot doesn't do very well. PROFESSOR Awe its no use Gilligan. It's arms and legs just won't work that way. GILLIGAN Awe...How bout the Butterfly that! Gilligan demonstrates the Butterfly stroke to the robot and once again it doesn't look too good. PROFESSOR Awe...the arms won't go over the head! GILLIGAN about the sidestroke? You know like that! Ya know. Once again Gilligan demonstrates the sidestroke to the robot but the results are the same. Gilligan appears to have dropped something in the process. GILLIGAN Ooops! PROFESSOR What's the matter? GILLIGAN I just dropped my rabbit's foot out of my pocket. Gilligan gets up off the table to look for it. PROFESSOR I thought I taught you not to pay any attention to those superstitions! GILLIGAN But it brings me good luck! PROFESSOR Luck all in the mind. GILLIGAN Professor, with my mind, I need all the luck I can get! The skipper is seen walking on camera. SKIPPER How's it going? PROFESSOR Oh not very well skipper. The robot just isn't built for swimming. SKIPPER Eh...have you tried the Australian crawl? GILLIGAN What do you mean crawl!? He has to swim to Hawaii! SKIPPER Very funny Gilligan. PROFESSOR Oh we've tried the backstroke the breaststroke the sidestroke, everything and it's no use. His arms and legs simply don't have the mobility of a man! GILLIGAN Well neither does a dog and they can swim. PROFESSOR Wait a minute! Wait a minute the dog paddle that's it! I mean it's a little slow, but I think his arms and legs can make those motions! GILLIGAN Oh! Well I'll try it huh? SKIPPER Yes don't just stand there, get on there and show him how to do the dog paddle! Gilligan gets up on the table again. GILLIGAN Hey robot! Robot! Watch me robot! Robot, like this! Gilligan demonstrates the dog paddle to the robot who in turn tries. It appears the robot is successful. PROFESSOR Hey he's doing it skipper! Look at that! Isn't that marvelous!? SKIPPER That'll get him there! DISSOLVE TO: EARLY MORNING SUNRISE AS SEEN THROUGH PALM TREES. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - EARLY MORNING Gilligan, the skipper, the professor and the robot are seen walking into the lagoon clearing. GILLIGAN I'm still half a sleep. PROFESSOR Well I know it's early, but in case this fails, I don't want the others to be disappointed. GILLIGAN How can they be disappointed if they don't know what we're doing? SKIPPER Don't both trying to explain professor! PROFESSOR All right, here goes for a trial run. Now SWIM! Go out twenty yards and return! The robot starts to walk off camera as we... CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON - MORNING We see the robot enter the water with its arms making the dog paddle motions taught earlier. The robot continues to sink deeper and deeper until its shoulders are still above the water. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - MORNING The professor, Gilligan and the skipper continue to look on as the robot heads into the lagoon. GILLIGAN Swim robot swim! Swim! That a boy! Keep swimming! Keep swimming! That a boy! The robot continues to make the dog paddle motions as it sinks completely below the surface not swimming a stroke. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - MORNING GILLIGAN He sunk. SKIPPER He didn't swim a stroke! PROFESSOR Well it's his weight. He can't generate enough speed to displace enough water to keep himself afloat! GILLIGAN Maybe he's too heavy. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON - MORNING The robot is seen emerging from beneath the water. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - MORNING SKIPPER Of all the silly ideas...swimming to Hawaii. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON - MORNING The robot is now completely out of the water and walks off camera. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - MORING The robot walks on camera and up to the three men watching. PROFESSOR Robot, stop! The robot stops in front of them. PROFESSOR Well, at least it proves he's watertight. SKIPPER Let's try that message we gave him, see if it works. PROFESSOR All right. The professor pushes a button on the robot's chest panel. The robot sends out a jet of water right into the professor's face. GILLIGAN Watertight?! ROBOT I HAVE BEEN ON A DESERTED ISLAND WITH SEVEN CASTAWAYS OF THE MINNOW THEY ARE ALIVE AND WELL AND... The professor pushes the button again and stops the message. SKIPPER Perfect! Now all we have to do is get him to swim to Hawaii! PROFESSOR Well...back to the drawing board as they say. GILLIGAN I don't say that. SKIPPER He doesn't mean you Gilligan! PROFESSOR There's just no way to get him to swim! GILLIGAN Right! The way he was going, he could have walked to Hawaii. SKIPPER Walked? PROFESSOR Walked? FLIP TO: EXT - LAGOON CLEARING - DAY All are present at the lagoon clearing along with the robot. PROFESSOR I know this is an outlandish scheme but it seems to be our only hope. MRS HOWELL Well the whole idea's preposterous! PROFESSOR Well figuring the pressure of the water at it's deepest, the normal speed of the robot and the distance to Hawaii, I figure it should take him roughly a hundred and eleven hours. MRS HOWELL Under water?! Why he could walk right by Hawaii without ever seeing it! PROFESSOR Mrs. Howell it doesn't have to see! It will stay on the direction it's been programmed to follow. MARY ANN Well what about the valleys and the mountains under water? PROFESSOR Well it has sonar to avoid undersea obstacles and an automatic pilot to get it back on course. GILLIGAN What about sharks and other scary things down there? PROFESSOR It has no human emotions Gilligan so it can't be frightened. MR HOWELL By golly, sounds like our answer to Lloyd Bridges! PROFESSOR However, I must remind you that it could run into an underwater mine and blow up or get tangled up in a fishing net. So it's far from certain that it will reach Hawaii. SKIPPER Well he's not going anywhere if we don't get him started. PROFESSOR Right! Robot walk! The robot starts to walk off camera. The castaways all start to sing and hum a Hawaiian farewell theme. CUT TO: EXT - LAGOON - DAY As the castaways continue the sing and hum the farewell theme, the robot is seen walking into the lagoon as we... FADE OUT: EPILOG FADE IN: EXT - HUT - DAY All the castaways are present. Seated or standing around the communal table with the radio on it. They are all adlibbing as the skippers hears the radio. SKIPPER Wait a minute quiet! The announcement, quiet! Quiet! RADIO ANNOUNCER AND NOW THEY ARE ACTIVATING THE ROBOT'S RECEPTOR SPOOLS TO SEE IF THEY CAN FIND OUT HOW IT GOT TO HAWAII. THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR WILL BE THAT OF THE ROBOT. ROBOT I HAVE BEEN ON A DESERTED ISLAND THE PUT BREAKS TO THE RIGHT MR HOWELL Well it was a lucky shot! ROBOT SWEEP BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH I WAS STRANDED THIS IS THE WAY WE WASH OUR CLOTHES RADIO ANNOUNCER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE SCIENTISTS FROM THE LABORATORY ARE CHECKING TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT WENT WRONG. PERHAPS NOW WE CAN LEARN THE REASON THE RECORDED MESSAGES ARE ALL SCRAMBLED. A WHAT!? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BELIEVE IT OR NOT A RABBIT'S FOOT WAS JUST FOUND IN THE ROBOT! Everyone is now looking directly at Gilligan who is shying away from their stares. RADIO ANNOUNCER IT DEMAGNETIZED THE ENTIRE RECEPTOR SPOOLS. THERE IS NOW NO CHANCE OF FINDING OUT WHERE THE ROBOT HAS BEEN. WHO REPROGRAMMED IT, OR HOW IT GOT TO HAWAII. FOR THAT MATTER HOW THE RABBIT'S FOOT GOT IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Everyone is now extremely upset with Gilligan and gives him even more intense dirty looks. ALL (EXCEPT GILLIGAN) Gilligan!!! GILLIGAN I just thought it'd bring us some luck ya know?! They're about to grab Gilligan for a good pounding when we... FADE OUT: END CREDITS