Black Morning Spider

The Black Morning Spider is the deadliest spider in the world. It is 6 feet long and weighs approximately 500 pounds. The spider is originally from the island of Scartiel. When the spider is born, it resembles a small tarantula. It can grow to be over 750 pounds. The tiny isle got so infested with these gargantuan spiders that no human or mammal could live there. In 1945, the US Army dropped a bomb on the island and killed every last one. Well, all except one. That one still lives on Gilligan's Island and is 63 years old.

Note: The spider also appeared in the second season of "Lost in Space". This was episode #33 and was entitled "The Forbidden World." I guess the spider did some space traval and was also stranded on the island. This info was made possible by David E. Shay